Christian Ethics in Business.

Every once in awhile it comes to my attention

that there really are people in this world, in business, who do love God and have integrity. This page is dedicated to some of those people. While only a few of you are recognized on this page, rest assuted this is dedicated to you all.

Speaking of which

Here is a gentleman, David Hevener, who has a vision, sort of a 'Hollywood of God,' type thing. He's been around awhile. You can check him out on the imdb.

Here is the video announcing David's project

 I am involved myself, with my wife, Rae Sunshine Lee. I would surely love to see your participation in this wonderful project. God Bless.

Food Ministry in southern Ca.

Refrigerated truck

 We have been serving communities since 1998. We began the backpack program in 2007 & since then we have expanded to the USDA FOOD PROGRAM with three locations.
It has become necessary for our food program to have an refrigerated truck. We also travel 200 miles every Tuesday to pick up food to ensure another 158 people receive. With a refrigerated truck we estimate feeding three times more the persons we currently service which totals over 500. Thank you in advance for supporting our endeavor. 

Training With Pay