MASSI - Mother's AgainstSocial Service Intervention


That which we endeavor to do.

We are not in any way affiliated the government. The Lord works through us to help those in need. We are a non-profit foundation,funded only by private donations. We are basically a referral agency and all matters are kept confidential. Our goal is to help to keep families united by referring them to the right sources.

Our purpose

MASSI was formed because of a 2 step process. The process for helping abused or neglected children.The steps are:

1. Remove the child from immediate danger, to a safe place.

2. Reunification of the family by referring them to the correct services and programs necessary to accomplish that goal.

The problem is, so many states were focused on removing children from harm, then and adopting them out  -because they received more money from the government per each successful adoption - they conveniently pushed step 2 under the rug. And so MASSI was born.

Real testimonials

Because MASSI is confidential, no names will be added to this page. I will be adding testimonials without names as they come in.


1. I used one of the letters written by MASSI  regarding my  service animal and was able to get help from my doctor because of that letter. Thank you MASSI foundation.

Some of the things we have helped with are

1. Written letters for clients with service animals to use at motels so they are not turned away.

2. Attended court appearances for minors, in the capacity of 'friend of the court'.

3. Attended IEP meetings as volunteer social worker for under age children.

4. Referred families and single people to homeless shelters , mental health agencies,  counselling services, food pantries, etc...

5. Helped with filling out Energy Assistance program, paperwork. 

6. Referred clients to HEAP and weatherization services.


1. Is there a fee for services rendered? Not per se but donations are acceptable as this is non-profit and not government funded.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at and title the subjest MASSI FAQ and I will add to this list, and answer you as well.


Rae Sunshine Lee has spent over 30 years as a volunteer social worker. She has an Associates Degree in Human Services with a view towards Drug and Alcohol counseling;  and is a licensed Pastor since 2007, with a Doctorate in Divinity.