The Lost Family



It touches whom it touches. It's all in how we react..

Cast List

  • Henry   James E. Welsh   
  • Billie   Dian Van Patten  
  • Leetha    Rae Sunshine Lee    
  • Leetha (older)   Deborah Tucker
  • Jonathan   Richard Allan Jones
  • Bobbie Lynn    Krystin Christy   
  • Mary Margaret    Lisa Lyons    
  • Mari   Betsy Baker 
  • Doctor Sarah Saviano
  •  Nurse Swan   Carol Woodle 
  • Narrator Gary Saderup
  • Crooner Clemmie Pennington

Crew List

  • Director Rae Sunshine Lee 
  • Producer Rae Sunshine Lee
  • Writer Rae Sunshine Lee 
  • Editor Taylor Overbey
  • Animation Taylor Overbey
  • Casting Director Rae Sunshine Lee
  • Casting Director Dian Van Patten  
  •  Clinical Consultant Fernando Mallory
  •  Animation Taylor Overbey   
  • Graphics Editor Bonnie Ferguson 
  • Computer consultant Bonnie Sue Ferguson
  • Computer consultant Ray Ferguson

Leetha and Mari sre both lost, in the park.

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